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Announcing: Upcoming TLC Workshops

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    Dear colleagues,

    Please share these upcoming TLC workshops with students and faculty in your programs.


    Marwa Answar


    Marwa Answar

    APO, Teaching and Learning Center and Interactive Technology and Certificate Program

    The Graduate Center, CUNY

    365 Fifth Avenue, Room 3300

    New York, NY 10016<>

    Social Annotation

    Pedro Cabello del Moral and Zach Muhlbauer
    Monday, March 18
    Online, 3:00-4:30 PM

    Looking for ways to make reading more active and engaged? Come learn the basics of social annotation with Hypothesis, an open-source annotation tool that allows students to highlight and comment on readings collaboratively. Instructors will gain hands-on exposure to Hypothesis and consider ways to resocialize reading both in and out of the classroom.

    Zoom Registration<;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!XEHQqrW0x2yi21sC8b2wvjfq1lFXn77vfRH3S1G71ZsHAmgnK8MPrre1O5KCBAVLk027jILOpg6mN67rl5Y4HntPpGMBCj7YDMM00T8g9_doplk6oA$ >


    Jeff Voss
    Wednesday, March 20
    In-Person (Room 3317), 4:00-5:30 PM

    “Interpretations abound, good noticing does not!” “Noticing” aims to recenter the practice of reading on the student’s visceral encounter with a text, away from expectations to extract “meaning” or immediately understand what a text is “about.” Noticing offers new strategies for teaching reading that will ultimately make their students’ analyses and interpretations more sensitive and authoritative.

    Registration<;!!GekbXoL5ynDpFgM!XEHQqrW0x2yi21sC8b2wvjfq1lFXn77vfRH3S1G71ZsHAmgnK8MPrre1O5KCBAVLk027jILOpg6mN67rl5Y4HntPpGMBCj7YDMM00T8g9_dk5R9wbA$ >

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