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Teacher Librarians

This group is sponsored by LILAC (Library Information Literacy Advisory Committee). We hope it will become a platform to discuss the teaching role of librarians, and the importance of information literacy as a life-long learning skill. We invite any faculty members of the University that are interested in information literacy, and what is the role of the library in that process, to join in the conversation.


What I’ve been reading recently…

  • “Digital Dead End: Fighting for Social Justice in the Information Age” by Virginia Eubanks (MIT Press, 2011). Eubanks describes work she did in Central New York State, in conjunction with the Troy, NY YWCA. She critiques the kind of “magical thinking” that often haunts the Information Age. It is not simply a question of distribution of technology. The impact of technology on the lives of women is often directly connected with their “social location.” The high tech economy is actually a dual economy, supported by an underclass of keyboard operators, child care workers, short order cooks etc. (My college very much is in a neighborhood which appears to be “Nanny Central.” ) There is much here to ponder, for someone like myself, who has had relatively little exposure to poverty, and the life style choices it demands.

    Do I underestimate the technological skills of my students? Do I just plain underestimate them, making unwarranted assumptions?

    I recommend this book as a thoughtful read.

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