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Ukraine and Russia

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    Isamar Acosta

    Imagine learning how to fight back with no sort of training for what to do or how to react. Learning how to fend for yourself and sadly learning from owns people’s lives being taken. This problem still exists in the Ukraine and Russia border crisis. This boarder war has led to millions of troops lives being taken due to lack of training. The training of troops is an effective solution to the Ukraine and Russia crisis because it will allow for smaller forces to overcome larger ones. If training camps are created, this could be the solution to this ongoing war. In order stop the massive killings among these boarders precautions must be taken to prepare these troops and how to use their own artillery.

    Having training experience will not only educate these troops on how to use their equipment correctly but will keep civilians safe and most importantly themselves. Having access to training camps will improve how our troops fight and will better prepare them for future wars. Training will act as a tool to guide these troops to have an overall advantage when fighting back. Having the background will act as stronger military overall. This is important because individuals do not learn just by doing but by experience and trial and error.

    Dhipinder Walia

    Dear Isamar,

    Thanks for teaching us about the importance of training. What was particularly impressive here is the way you link lack of training to civilian casualties. I would love to read more about what the research says on this. (Maybe this is a way to build a body paragraph for your literature review that focuses on a particular dilemma your solution gets rid of).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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