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Syrian refugee crisis

  • The Syrian civil war has created over 4 million Syrian refugees who are looking among countries, such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and others for safety. The problem is as some countries take in some refugees, not a significant amount, other countries that help aid the war take in zero, resulting in still a large amount of homeless refugees. This crisis can be solved by educating countries on the benefits of accepting refugees that will give them incentives to open up their doors.

    Refugees help influence economic growth rather than harm it. Most people feel that letting in refugees will make their economies growth decrease. However, a report has been cited from Paris that shows “countries have all experienced economic growth in the past two years [after accepting a large number of refugees and] their economies are expected to continue grow mainly due to their favorable refugee immigration policies” (D’amore, 2016, para. 6). People escaping from high conflicted areas, like Syria, are looking for safe ground.

    We should care and try to help refugees because it is morally right. Yes, there is a fear that terrorist posing as refugees are going to attack any country that decides to open their doors; an easy solution would be a more vigorous check, making sure all threats are ceased. Saving innocent lives is what matters. In the case of Jews fleeing Germany, the United States denied thousands of Jews into their country on the sole reason of it not being their problem to fix. After the conflict escalated and millions died, now the country’s conscience ways heavy because those were lives that they could’ve saved. Instead of repeating the same mistake twice, just increase the amount of refugees allowed in, educate the population on the benefits of refugee increase and create stricter safety checks.

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  • Dear Salima,

    Thanks so much for shedding light on ways we can ACT on the refugee crisis. The connection you make to World War 2 is a stunning one and one I’m sure motivates all of us to act. One really great thing you do here is immediately start your conversation by appealing to your skeptic– the one who believes we need to keep Syrian refugees out of our country. This was an effective decision!

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