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immigration of refugees

  • The immigrant population has tripled in the last forty years and will continue to increase. The causes of this movement are multiple: wars, violence, natural disasters and poverty, all this is the result of an unequal development. Research has fond that immigrants who came from their country of origin influence in a negative way not only politically or economically, but culturally also. i disagree with this statement.  It is crucial that we all and our governments recognized that people are leaving their country because they have no other choice to survive. The causes of migration are found in the decisions we take to organize life and relationships at different levels. So, as solution we should allow immigrants to inter in our country. In doing that, we can provide them a better live. by providing them better live, we have to find a better system for finding political solutions to conflicts, opening safe routes for refugees to be safe is one of the priority measures.


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  • Dear Toure, thank you for urging us all to reexamine our understanding of immigrants and refugees. I’m curious to hear more on how refugees can be provided a better life if they are allowed to enter our country. What aspects of their lives would improve? How would we ensure their lives are improved? What of the skeptic who says their lives will actually worsen if they’re allowed to live in our country because of cultural differences? Something to consider refuting if you pursue this for your literature review.

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