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Border Crisis

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    katherine roa

    Over a million children have risked their lives trying to reach the United States. Although many make it across the Mexican border not all have the same luck. Those that cannot cross have to return to the lifestyle of violence and poverty that they tried so hard to flee. We should take into consideration that these children are forced to go back to Mexico and their dreams are crushed, they feel hopeless and scared. We should create a safer environment for these kids and come up with violence prevention programs. If the kids feel safe at their home then they would not try to migrate to a different country. These programs implement  policies and identify resources that help reduce crime and violence.  According to studies “A child that grows up in poverty, without access to quality education and with limited opportunities to get involved in productive activities, can easily be caught in a violence circle that continues into his or her adult life. ” These programs can serve as an escape for those children that do not feel safe enough in their homes and can prevent them from making the wrong decisions in life. These programs can be the future of the children who are in a tough position and who do not have the right guidance. This can be the assistance they lack.

    Dhipinder Walia

    Dear Katherine,

    Thanks for proposing an actual program we can all get behind. Do you see how thinking about particular problems can assist in crafting solutions that are specific and don’t involve big ideas but concrete programs we can implement on the ground? In fact, violence prevention programs are so effective in the States because of the work it can do in protecting children from violence within the home and beyond.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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