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Border Crisis

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    Edgar Montas

    Border crisis problems have been becoming worse and worse with time. Tensions between India and Pakistan are becoming intensified and that doesn’t make it safe for the civilians on either countries. In “Fighting Intensifies Between India and Pakistan on Kashmir Line of Control” by Hari Kumar and Salman Masood (2016) the authors tells us the tensions between both of the countries, how militants have been killing soldiers and they would respond back. This is why we should looks for solutions to stop this from happening and stop civilians to be affected for this. We need to take action and stop this one way or another, this is affecting children’s lives, their way of living and how they grow up mentally. By taking refugees it allows people to have a much better lifestyle and a more peaceful way of living. If other countries allow other people in as refugees they are having a risk of attacks but they’re saving innocents lives which could be lost in war. Another possible solution is to talk, get in a meeting and talk about a peace treaty so they don’t have to keep losing innocent people and soldiers.


    Dhipinder Walia

    Thanks Edgar for proposing two possible solutions– I’m not sure a peace treaty hasn’t been utilized before with Pakistan and India. Any ideas how you would respond to a reader who says that solution is ineffective?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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