SYEP Summer 2021: Lehman Lab for Social Analysis

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Summer Research Intensive
A year into the pandemic, how has the Bronx responded? How have local nonprofits and mutual aid organizations served their communities? What are the urgent needs currently? How can small scale local resiliency projects be best supported? How can goals for long term and lasting structural change be met? To what extent are the new public and community programs being launched in response to the pandemic having an impact?

It is urgent to gather current data in response to these questions. Lehman College students, many of them Bronxites, are well equipped to help answer these questions. The Lehman Lab for Social Analysis is a space in which students are supported and trained to ask questions and develop research methodologies to find answers on pressing social issues in the Bronx. Students will fan out across the borough conducting surveys and engaging in participant observation, qualitative research methods designed to yield rich and contextualized data on current conditions in the Bronx.

SYEP Summer 2021: Lehman Lab for Social Analysis

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