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Each week several students will be assigned to pose questions based on the book read and moderate the discussion.


Week Seven

  • Post/link your slide of Audience, Summary and Theme here.  Then provide a short recommendation of the book for your classmates.

    For this assignment, it is expected that you review ALL of your classmates’ submissions and provide feedback to all.

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  • Victoria, the layout and colors you used for your lede was very visually stimulating. I like the way you wrote your summary including questions that were presented in the story. You mention the theme of this story is family which could be a great concept to go over with students.

    Yuqi,I enjoyed the subtitle you used under the title of the book.I think it described the text you read perfectly.I like the way you mention in your audience that teachers need to take into consideration the students mental health.

    Brian, I liked the themes you said were present in this story bullying,friendship and reconstruction. I think these themes could be especially important to teach to adolescents in this day and age. After reading your lede I thought of many students who I teach in 7th grade who would enjoy reading a story like this.

    Safa, the themes you discuss in your lede are very interesting when you speak about the internalized misogyny that has a hold on these girls in the story. I like how you explain in your audience that this text is abstract and has mature themes. This is something to consider with which students a text would fit best for. I also enjoyed the colors you used in your lede like the shade of pink to subtly show the femininity of the book.

    Susan, I appreciated the visuals you used in your lede I think they matched the text perfectly. This story seemed to have an interesting take of different perspectives of different refugees. I would like to use this story in my classroom where I have many students that are newcomers to the U.S. I am glad you mention this text is suitable for 7-12th grade because I’d like to use it with my 7th and 8th graders.

    Hi Zizhen! Your AST is very visually appealing and concise. You provided an excellent summary of the book, and a thoughtful recommendation. I like that you consider the universal message of the theme, and how it can inspire young readers and also teach them about different perspectives. I think the book would be a great supplement to a history curriculum on WWII.

    Hi Rachel! I love the visuals of your AST, and I also like that you kept everything very concise, while covering the important aspects of the book. While I have seen the movie version, I have never read the book. Based on your recommendation, I will definitely check it out. I think it is a great book to read with students to teach them about the impact of war on children. It also seems like it would be an easy supplement to a history curriculum, as well as an engaging read for students.

    Hi Caroline! Many of my students have read this book, and it is a very popular book among them. While I haven’t read it myself, it is definitely on my list. I liked how your AST provided a lot of information about the book, especially the “audience” part. I think this would be a good book to use for a literature circle, since each chapter focuses on a different character. Students can discuss how the book develops and new insights the reader gets from each character.

    Hi Erin! I love the lede you created! It really pulls the reader in and makes the book sound very intriguing. I also like how your AST overall provides enough information about the book, while still remaining concise and to the point. The book sounds like it would be a very engaging read for students. Since you recommend it for readers 16+, I would not use it in my classroom, but I will definitely check it out for my own reading!

    Hi Victoria! I love Sarah Dessen books, and I’m pretty sure I read almost all of them back when I was in middle school! I did not know about this one, and your AST makes it sound like a very engaging read! I really like that it covers serious issues, and can lead to some great discussions with older students.

    I read the book One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus and I absolutely loved it! I’m actually in the process of reading the sequel. The book contained many themes such as suicide, love, friendship, revenge, and secrets. The book outlined the harm secrets and gossip can have on teens and the pressure they experience in high school. Not only are teens affected in the moment, but their futures can also be destroyed by gossip. The book is about five teens who end up in detention together, but one of them dies. The whole story is about trying to figure out who killed one of the teens and why. As the story progresses, we learn the secrets of the other four students who were blamed for the murder. I was so engaged reading the book because I wanted to find out who the murderer was and why the character was killed. The book has so many twists and turns that unexpected things occur throughout the book which really captivated me. The character’s death was so well created and all the events and details throughout the book were clues to who the murderer was.

    Hi Rachel,

    You lede is awesome!  I love how visually appealing it is.  Even though I have heard of this novel and movie, I haven’t read it or watched it.  Based on your descriptions, I will definitely put it on my reading list.  The story line sounds very interesting and seems to focus on friendship and compassion rather than the horrors of WWII.  Thank you!

    Hi Nicole,

    This book sounds really interesting.  I think we need to read books about racism with our students and talk about it whenever we get the chance.  I keep saying that dialogue will bring change and we need to keep trying to understand each other by listening to everyone’s perspective.

    Hi Caroline,

    I have always wanted to read this book!  I shied away from it though because I thought it would be too sad.  Based on what you wrote, it sounds like a great book.  I love books that have multiple character perspectives and the theme that you pointed out in your lede is really important.  Thank you for convincing me to read this!

    Hi Erin!

    This book sounds like it would bring A LOT of discussion to the classroom.  I don’t know if I would be able to read it with ENL students, but I would like to read it and maybe have it for my classroom library.  Thank you for your succinct lede.  I feel like starting that book right now!  I want to see what these boys do that they impact the lives of others for a long time.

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