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WEEK 7 Reflection on Tracking

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    Christine Diaz

    Tracking in my opinion is just another way of being able to segregate students by class and race within the school educational system. The upper track students are the ones who benefit  while the lower track students do not benefit and eventually are likely to disengage from learning.  The higher track students consist of white students while the others students are  Black and Hispanics  minority students.  If you are going to track students then at least provide them a fair opportunity by providing them with the materials needed, a set of high expectations, and engaging curriculum’s, in which have students  think critically, allows them to have a voice within an fun engaging safe classroom environment. I do think knowing where a student is academically can be beneficial, if the plan of execution is to get the students were they need to be academically  by actually providing them with an fair chance  to begin with. The students get out of it what the system and puts into it from the very beginning, if uninterested lessons and low set of expectation are set for students and teachers from day one in these low track settings; how can one even begin to get the results needed to have these  students succeed when you are starting them off with failure. In the article and video it proves despite the views on minority students,  it is possible for minority students to succeed in the work load and engage in higher tracked classes  when an equal  opportunity is given and students are  not segregated within the educational system. It is also beneficial for all to be able to  learn from one another and have a voice in class discussions with a teacher providing engaging material and that is what makes all the difference.

    Lisbeth martinez

    I agree with what you just said at least track all the students too make it fair. also, make the lessons interested for students to learn also you can ask the students what they learn at the end of the day and have them give you feedback.

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