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Spring 2020 Sociology of Education

Instructor, Francine Almash



  • It was wonderful to see everyone last night. Thank you all for your patience and flexibility in making the last-minute change to Zoom. (Lesson learned—I will schedule all our meetings on Zoom from now on.)

    I’m sorry we didn’t get to the content, but I will make sure we cover everything when we start meeting again.

    I just want to recap a few things:

    Classes are suspended from March 27th through April 1. They resume again on Thursday April 2.

    The next time we meet is Tuesday April 7th.

    Spring Break is now April 8th through April 10th only.

    I will revise the schedule online over the next few days. I will send you an email when it is done.

    I will also revise the schedule for student presentations, which now consist of creating a PowerPoint that can be shared with the class (look on the schedule for March 25 for and example from one of my Hunter students and I will post the presentation that Siobhan created, which we’ll go over next class).

    Since classes are suspended, nothing is due on April 1st.

    There is a midterm paper assignment posted on the website that is due April 7th. I suggest taking the time over the “break” to work on it. Even though classes are suspended, I will be available for anyone who would like help with that.

    On April 7th we will be discussing the readings and videos currently listed for March 25 and April 1, so if you want to get a head start, feel free.

    There is now a section on the schedule called ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. This is where I will include things that are of interest to our topic. THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED READING/VIEWING. They are either articles or videos I would like to reference when we meet, or things I think you might find interesting.

    Since we are not meeting in person, attendance is now measured by weekly contact. Contact is defined as any or all of the following:

    * Posting your weekly reflection on the website
    * Attending and online chat session
    * Checking in with me via email if you cannot post your reflection or attend a chat

    You should consider posts to our website and the two required papers as proof that you have completed the credits for this class. If you need help completing any of these, let me know.


    Francine Almash

    Mellon Humanities Alliance Fellow
    PhD Student in Urban Education
    The Graduate Center-CUNY<>

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