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No Online Class Tomorrow

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    Hello everyone. I’ve heard from nearly everyone regarding the event on Wednesday night. It looks like the majority of you are planning to attend, so I would like to propose cancelling the scheduled online class for this week so as not to put extra stress on everyone’s time.

    Everyone should still do the readings, watch Hazel’s presentation, and post your online reflection before class time tomorrow (f you haven’t already).

    I will still log on tomorrow and hold a virtual office hour from 2 to 3 in case anyone wants to check in. Below is the link in case you need it.


    Meeting ID: 931 6750 8802
    Password: 952040

    Let me know what you think, or if you’d prefer to have our regular class as scheduled.


    Francine Almash

    Mellon Humanities Alliance Fellow
    PhD Student in Urban Education
    The Graduate Center-CUNY

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