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Public Transportation Project Feedback?

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    Leanne Fan

    Dear Sound Studies and Methods group!

    I wanted to get some feedback on how to polish/finish a sound side project I’ve been kicking around – a collection of human made screeches to imitate Boston’s infamous Green Line T (subway) trains. The link is to an Evernote page that contains m4a files.

    At first I’d just thought this was a fun, shared social experience for folks who live in Boston but now I want to polish it to share with folks as a call for more investment in our public transportation infrastructure. Any advice on how to bring this production together would be enormously helpful – I’m a complete beginner! Thank you Di, Param and Prof. Demirjian for encouraging me to share.

    Thank you so much,


    Param Ajmera

    Hey Leanne!

    Great to see you engage this forum. Your project sounds very fascinating (especially around Halloween!) and I would encourage you to begin by thinking about the end and then building towards it. If you’re thinking about sharing these screeches via a website, you could begin by drawing out on a piece of paper what you’d like that website to look like. Make a note of where you’d like to use texts and images to explain the rationale and methods behind this project. Decide how you would like a visitor to your website to access these screeches. Lay out where they will they appear on the webpage. This is a technique called storyboarding and it basically gives you a goal to work towards. Once you have an initial design, you can think about a platform to host and present this website. As you begin building it, you might have better and ideas, and then you can adjust end goal as needed.

    What do you think? Were you considering building a website to share the screetches? Were you considering a different format?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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