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CFP: SpokenWeb Conference, Resonant Practices in Communities of Sound (May 30-31

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    Kelsey Chatlosh

    Hi all,

    I just came across this very interesting call for papers for an event coming up albeit far away in Vancouver, Canada, but thought I’d share nonetheless:

    The inaugural SpokenWeb Conference, Resonant Practices in Communities of Sound, from May 30-31, 2019. Deadline is February 15th, 2019.

    More info here:

    All best,


    Hi Kelsey, hi all,

    Thank you for this great lead, I submitted a proposal that was accepted!

    I will be presenting “Embodying Voice” for “Resonant Practices in Communities of Sound” at the first annual SpokenWeb Sound Symposium, Simon Fraser University’s Downtown Campus, on May 30-31.

    I first presented “Embodying Voice” for “Performing Knowledge” an amazing day/eve of “lecture performances” a project spearheaded by Theatre Dept. PhD’s Amir Farjoun and Mara Valederrama at The Segal Theatre, CUNY, in Dec. 2018.

    Performing Knowledge The Segal Theatre CUNY Dec 10 2018

    In “Embodying Voice” Carolyn A. McDonough, Graduate Student, MA in DH (far left) analyzes “songs” as “maps” in the Digital Humanities context and workshop format. Participants are highly encouraged to bring a song, poem, spoken word text, monologue, aria, ode, sonnet, chant, rhyme, story, or rap to “map”.  Through a projected demonstration using Voyant, a digital humanities tool used in text analysis, participants enter the corpus of a lyrical work in to Voyant which generates word visuals that can reveal previously hidden subtext toward the emotional/physical discovery process. The take-away will be a sense of “hearing with the eyes” and/or “seeing with the ears” and a working map for learning, memorizing, auditioning, recording, capturing and performing any vocal/spoken word content. (Carolyn is also a vocalist by avocation and moonlights as a voice coach to professional teen performers.)

    Kelsey Chatlosh

    Hi Carolyn,
    This made me so happy to read. Your work sounds super interesting and congrats on the conference acceptance!! I’m so happy to hear that the group forum has been useful to you and your research 🙂 Let us know how the conference goes, and the future developments of your work! Feel welcome to post and share here if you’d like.
    Sending saludos from Chile (based here for a few months for research),
    All best,

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