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    Lev Manovich

    Want to find audience for your writing but don’t use Facebook / don’t have a blog? No problem.

    There many experiments happening on the web with new reading/writing platforms/text distribution platforms.

    This is currently popular one of the most popular and “watched” writing platform – (Note how they tell you how long it will take to read the text.)

    Examples of collections on

    and single texts which can include links and images:

    There are many other interesting large scale experiments in writing/reading platforms on the web, but this is one of most talked about. The idea is to create the simplest possible platform – easier to use then blogs and web sites.

    People in humanities are now also increasingly using GitHub to distribute texts and course materials (originally it was only for collaborative open source software). For example:

    And of course, do check Digital Public Library of America which features map and timeline interfaces to their collections:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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