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Recommended equipment in room at Hudson street

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    I reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and it looks like there is some good work being done by the skunks.I would suggest the following equipment in addition to what was mentioned in the video:

    Xbox and kinnect, 3D large flat screen, headphones, computer projector.

    Philip A. Pecorino

    Thanks to Jill Roter, formerly Assistant Director of Student Disability Services, Lehman College we have this list of assistive technology to have on hand when testing other devices, services, programs:


    CATSweb as a resource:


    Optelec Clearview Plus full-sized CCTV (video magnifier);
    Farview and QuickLook Zoom handheld magnifiers. (Farview is more feature-rich; QuickLook is pretty basic.)

    Christopher Stein

    Phil, I haven’t had a chance to look over your link but it reminds me that it would be nice to have a computer with assistive technology installed. I’ve never had a chance to browse web sites with a screen reader for example.

    Also, something I just saw, an interactive projector:
    Epson 455wi Interactive Projector


    Hi all,

    I agree with Andrew, it will be great if we have Xbox and Kinnect, and Kinnect for windows. Exploring gamification concepts for Higher Ed has started to be a hot topic recently.

    Software: group collaboration software. Smart has software for smartboards and group activities like clickers, chats, and computer sync tools

    Philip A. Pecorino

    From Jill Roter again: the basics for AT
    zoom text (visually impaired/blind);
    dragon naturallly speaking (hand dysfunction);
    cctvs for at hardware (full sized and handheld, also low vision.)

    What I am now thinking is that we do need at least one workstation at the Hudson Street facility with as much of the AT as we can get onto it to test how other items work in conjunction with those technologies.
    We would be greatly assisted in our evaluations were we to have someone as an R&D Researcher particularly skilled in the operations of these AT to do this aspect of the testing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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