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Academic Technology Research and Development Group

Welcome to the home of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology Research and Development Group (CAT-R&D).

The mission of CAT-R&D is to research, test, and recommend new technologies from the perspective of classroom faculty needs and pedagogical effectiveness.

CAT-R&D exists to advance the field of academic technology by consulting with colleagues and groups developing new technologies, conducting classroom trials, and sponsoring programs. The goal is to provide independent evaluations using transparent criteria that are openly reported on the CUNY Academic Commons, at the annual CUNY IT conference, and to other bodies.

CAT-R&D fosters academic excellence by working with researchers, educators, and developers to create an academically enriching environment for students and faculty.
The CAT-R&D is to be known as the “skunkworks” and the reason for this can be found here

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Avatar: An Adventure in Emergency Preparedness Training

  • Anders Gronstedt, of the Gronstedt Group, and I will be co-presenting CUNY SPS’ Emergency Shelter Course developed on behalf of the New York City Office of Emergency Management in the platform of Second Life (see

    See link:

    The presentation is titled Avatar: An Adventure in Emergency Preparedness Training. Both Anders and I will be in Second Life and will give a tour and demonstration of the different interactivities and features of the course. Our avatars in the simulation will be projected onto a screen with interactive video and audio available live in the CUNY Graduate Center. The presentation will be about 40 minutes with time immediately following that for Q&A.

    The presentation will be held here at the CUNY Graduate Center on Wed. Dec.15 at 11 AM.

    You can attend live in-person or join as an avatar through Second Life (or you can share your avatar presence on a screen with others if you wish). In either case, please send me an email as seating is somewhat limited both physically and virtually.

    My email is:

    Please let me know if you plan to attend.

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