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The GC Running Group

Because when you’re running it’s the only time you’re not thinking, “I should be writing.”

The GC Running Group is a space for organizing group or buddy runs with other runners from the GC community. The group can also be used for sharing running successes, inviting others to participate in running events with you, and anything else running related. Especially with an early sunset in NYC, after-work runners might want to head out for a run with a friend or group. Plan it here!

This group is open to runners of all interests, distances, paces, and experiences.


Runs for the Week of December 12-18

  • Trying to fit in a run between holiday parties and holiday baking and otherwise holiday eating? Or between grading and writing and writing and writing? Having a running partner will help you stay more accountable to your workout!

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  • I’m finding that the best time to fit in a Tuesday run right now is after 4pm when my dissertation writing group finishes up at the GC. And I hate that it’s nearly dark by then and I would be running alone, even if Central Park still gets a lot of after-work runners and cyclists.

    Anyone want to run in the park after 4pm this Tuesday? Either leaving from the GC sometime between 4-5pm, or a little bit later meeting somewhere around Central Park? Maybe 5-8 miles, between 9:00 and 9:40 minute miles, although I’m pretty flexible on pace.

    Hi all- Happy to know there’s a group like this at the GC! Running saved my life during my diss writing year! I graduated last year, so I’m rarely at (or near) the GC- but if anyone’s near BMCC, maybe we can organize a run down in Tribeca/West Side. I’m doing the Fred Lebow Half on 1/29 so if anyone’s around in Jan, I wouldn’t mind exploring Central Park for my long runs. Happy running, and good luck with your writing!

    Hi David! So glad you joined us!

    I coach a swim team in Tribeca and love getting in some runs down along the lower Hudson. I’m also running the Fred Lebow half, so it would be great to arrange some similarly-motivated miles with you.

    Sounds great! I’ll post a reply to your weekly runs once I know what my schedule looks like after the semester ends.

    Hi all! The weather this weekend looks really terrible so I am going to be heading out tomorrow for a long run. Was wondering if I could find a buddy here to brave the cold with me! I am planning to┬ástart around 1pm to get the best temps possible – I know that is an odd request. My two route options are 1. beginning in Queens to run over the QB bridge, around the park and back or 2. complete about 2 full loops of the park for something around 13 miles.

    If anyone is interested in all or part of the journey just let me know! Flexible on pace goals

    Saw your run on Strava, Ariana. Braved the cold and killed it! Nice work!

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