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We now have a Slack workspace!

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    Howdy y’all,

    The R User Group (RUG) created a Slack channel! Our aim is to make discussion about technical topics and short communications more accessible among our members in between RUG meetings. This will be a space for members to get help with R problems (errors, understanding output, how to do a task, etc.) and discuss R-adjacent topics (e.g. “What do y’all think of this new package?!”, “I wish R had a meme generator”*). The RUG facilitators will frequent the Slack group and answer questions when possible but we see this as a space for community discussion, rather than a virtual help desk with us. We encourage folks to answer each other’s questions- especially if you’re new to R, as this is a great way to learn! Conversation on Slack should conform to the GC policies on technology use and should remain on topic. We’ll remove any discussion that is unproductive or off topic. Official updates and RUG news will be disseminated through the Commons.

    How to join: In order to join, reply to this thread and an administrator can add you! We are responsive, and will usually get back to you within a day. For more info on joining Slack workspaces, see here.

    Looking forward to Slacking with y’all!


    Connor, Yuxiao, and Di

    p.s. *There is a package for making memes in R-

    Elena Abou Mrad

    Hello, could you please send me a link to join the Slack workspace? I use my personal email for Slack. I attended the Intro to R workshop last week 🙂


    Hi Elena,

    Just sent you a personal message with the link!



    Jordan Wylie


    Would you mind sending me a link as well? For whatever reason, it just won’t work with my grad center email when I try to sign up as I usually do. I’m hoping a link will bypass whatever is going wrong!!

    Thank you!!


    Hi Jordan,

    A few other people have had a similar problem for some reason. Here’s a link!



    Frank Schiro

    Can I please be sent an invite

    Ellynne Dec

    I’d like to join, thanks!


    Hi Ellynne,

    Sorry for the late reply! Here is a link for you to join.




    Hi Frank,

    Sorry for the late reply! Here is a link to join:




    Hi Connor, can you also send me a slack invitation to the R group?

    Thank you, Friederike

    Yuxiao Luo

    Thank you Yuxiao!


    Hi! Could I get a link to join the group? The email I use for slack is Thank you!

    Yuxiao Luo

    Hi Bridget,

    I sent you an invite in Slack.




    Yuxiao Luo

    BTW, we have a RUG meeting today at 1:30 pm. Welcome to join us~



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