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RUG — R User’s Group

R User’s Group (i.e., RUG) is a place for newbies and experts alike to learn and work together on projects using the statistical programming language, R. Do you want to learn the best practices for creating a reproducible workflow but don’t know where to begin? Struggling to figure out the best methods for wrangling a messy data set? Want to build a clean and professional website using free and open-source tools? We can do all this and more using R! Join us as we learn how to unlock the full potential of the R ecosystem.

Open to people of all skill levels, disciplines, and backgrounds.


Tables and Pandas and Python! Oh my! [Fall Python Series]

  • Hi folks! We have another Python workshop coming up on Friday October 28 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. This time we will work with the Pandas library to manipulate, analyze, and visualize tabular data (i.e., data stored in a spreadsheet format).

    Check out the GCDI calendar to learn more and sign up! See you there!

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