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Revolutionizing American Studies

This group is one of the arms of the Revolutionizing American Studies initiative, the fuller description of which is available at its partner blog site: Here, we hope that the conversations generated through the various events that constitute the initiative can continue beyond their immediate here and now. We welcome posts from any and all and look forward to realizing the potential of Revolutionizing American Studies!


Announcement by Kandice Chuh on 3/3/12

  • Greetings, all!

    We write with news of upcoming RevAmStudies events, and to say thanks once again to Bruce Burgett, Glenn Hendler, and Nayan Shah, who individually and collectively made February a month of great conversations, generosity and graciousness.

    Our first event in March is one in which we are happy to have a supporting role (as a co-sponsor), along with the Barnard Center for Research on Women — a panel discussion titled "The Multiple Futures of Gender and Sexuality Studies (the Sequel)," which is being organized by NYU's Center for Gender & Sexuality — and will be held on Wednesday, 7 MARCH, 6p at 20 Cooper Square (please see for details). The panelists include Lisa Duggan, Ann Pellegrini, Sarita See, Alexandra Vazquez, and Kandice Chuh (weird to refer in the third person, but there you go).

    Our next events all fall on the same date! So, save THURSDAY, 22 MARCH, as a RevAmStudies All Day date!

    We are delighted that from 11-12:30 in 8201.01 (the president's conference room at the Graduate Center), Professor Eric Lott (University of Virginia) will be joining the seminar. The readings for that session will shortly be available through the Center for the Humanities website, or you can just email us for them, or find them through your favorite electronic means. They are:

    “Back Door Man: Howlin’ Wolf and the Sound of Jim Crow.” _American Quarterly_ 63.3 (2011): 697-710, and “_National Treasure_, Global Value, and American Literary Studies.” _American Literary History_ 20.1-2 (2008): 108-23. Also recommended is “The Wages of Liberalism: An Interview with Eric Lott.” _minnesota review_ 63-64 (2005): 179-93.

    At 2pm on the same day, in the same space (8201.01), Professor Lott will be offering a public lecture titled "Slavery and Capital," described as follows:

    "Professor Lott will investigate the vexed relationship between capitalism and a slave economy in Marx's text as a way of thinking about state formation and political-economic revolution in the mid-nineteenth-century United States. Although is well known that Marx followed the progress of the American Civil War very closely and wrote about it in his dispatches for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune, too few have recognized how, at several key points, Marx calls on analogies with American slavery to depict the situation of the waged worker and the working day."

    Please see here — — for a more complete bio, and join us in welcoming him to RevAmStudies!

    THEN, at 6:30p, we are happily again in a supporting role, this time as co-sponsors of a public lecture by Professor Chandan Reddy (University of Washington), who will be discussing his really quite brilliant recently published book, _Freedom with Violence: Race, Sexuality, and the US State_ (Duke UP, 2011). We'll forward the particulars (time, place, title, etc.) as soon as we have them in hand. Please see for a bio of Professor Reddy.

    Looking very much forward to seeing many of you at any and all of these events! As always, please don't hesitate to holler with queries or whatnot. And as always, all of this information will be reproduced on our blog ( and facebook page.

    Best wishes for a great March!

    Kandice & Duncan

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