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Reminder: PUG Meeting tomorrow (Friday 6th) 3pm!

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    Dear Pythonistas,

    We are looking forward to see you tomorrow for our happy-holidays-last-meeting-of-the-year. You’ve already done plenty this week, so tomorrow afternoon will be time to forget about your research and classes for bit and work together in some relaxing (we will make sure to have a couple beers and snacks there) python exercises .

    See you tomorrow!


    Hey Rafael et al,

    I’ve been doing web scraping with the scrapy python library and doing some
    scripting with pandas for cleaning datasets. I’d be really curious to
    discuss with other people best practices and concepts for how they are
    storing their scripts or setting up their python work environment.
    Basically I’ve found myself with a bunch of little scripts living in
    different directories with different datasets and I’m sure there is a
    better way to handle this. Is this something that there could be room to
    discuss tomorrow? Are there other people who want to talk about this/have



    Of course, Annalisa, you are more than welcome to come. That is what PUG is for.

    See you soon.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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