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PUG – Python User’s Group

Python User’ Group (or PUG for short) is an open and informal collaborative space for experimentation and exploration with the Python programming language. It is an opportunity for those interested in Python to work together virtually and find support. Whether you are looking for advice or assistance with new or current projects, looking to discuss and learn new skills using Python tools, or to join us to play around with our collection of sample datasets, PUG is your place!

PUG is open to people of all skill levels, disciplines, and backgrounds. Complete beginners to Python will find a place here. Come, and let’s learn together.

Join PUG Slack here:

PUG is cosponsored by the MA in Digital Humanities / MS in Data Analytics and Visualization programs and the Mina Rees Library.

To learn more, visit


Join us in the PUG slack! Also, mini-workshop this Friday (15th) 3:30pm

  • Dear Python Users,

    In the last meeting we discussed creating a Slack group for PUG, as a space to chat about Python things, ask questions, cry for help, and share the occasional meme.

    To join us there, please click on this link.

    This Friday (15th) at 3:30pm, Steve will teach us a mini-workshop about Flask. Flask is a lightweight web application framework. We will make a small web app and view it on our browsers.

    Looking forward to seeing you. Stay safe.


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