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    First set of responses from colleagues at the CUNY School of Law:

    • If any GC students, faculty, or staff are in some way members of the legal community (whether they’re attorneys, paralegals, or employed part-time at a law office or a community organization that works on legal issues) they can be trained as legal observers to observe and document any potentially unconstitutional behavior by law enforcement during a demonstration or protest. The National Lawyers Guild and NY Civil Liberties Union provide trainings. If at least 10 GC members qualify and will commit to a training, one can be scheduled to be held on site.
    • Here’s some information from the National Lawyers Guild, NYC chapter, about what someone arrested at a protest can expect the legal process to be like, in the event a GC community member is arrested:
    • CUNY Citizenship Now offices are gearing up to help CUNY students with immigration issues especially DACA, but others as well.


    I have also asked specifically about bail funds and legal aid resources.


    Thank you for gathering this info, Luke!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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