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still together?

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    Jared Daniel Fagen

    i hope all have been/are well these past few months (years?)….

    here is an interesting question that might be interesting for anyone still interested in being “poets together”…….”what kind of interesting questions one could ask about works of visual art.” Mary Ann raises this question after visiting seven decades of Picasso drawings that recently closed at the Acquavella Galleries.

    for anyone (like myself) interested in the poetics of visual art but who does not spend enough time thinking about it, i wonder what influence do works of art have on your own writing practicies? i think for some of us the poem indeed BEGINS with an image of some kind…?

    we can post our thoughts here or maybe it would be more fun on twitter (with its aphoristic-algorithmic limits). like this:

    and maybe we can talk also about the surrealism “beyond borders” exhibit at the MEt, which i STILL haven’t seen but will soon for anyone who would want to gather there together, like MAC gathered us here..

    best of luck with everyone’s studies/projects/end of semester!!


    Patricia Brody

    Daniel, How cool. Yes oui to all except Twitter. I dont and cant. But would
    love to converse on the image – poem Connecion

    How about anyone who wishes post an image-related or image laden poem

    Or an image! I will attach both. Tomorrow.

    Miss Mary Ann’s presence and gatherings very much.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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