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    Mary Ann Caws

    hello dear friends,

    in case I didn’t send you (all) this, about Matisse, it is my greeting card for happy holidays and merry on and on, with warm hello right now, mary ann

    and if I did send it, oh well, not to worry, Matisse keeps…

    Mary Ann Caws

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    Madeleine Barnes

    Happy holidays, friends! For some reason, my notifications for the Commons were turned off — I am now back in the loop, thankfully. What a gift, to read about Matisse’s use of colors, upside-down-ness, swirls and loops, his line, the striking sameness of his destination, and the anguish therein — and the translations Mallarmé sonnet — I’m celebrating this!

    “A glorious example of how the visual and verbal can respond to one another.” Yes! I love how we encounter this quote: “My destination is always the same, but I work out a different route to get there.” Beautiful—and relatable, especially this year.

    I will be thinking about the startling orange flame, and continuing to miss our conversations, which helped me through this year. I look forward to future meetings.

    Thanks so much for sending, Mary Ann, and I’m hoping everyone is doing as well as possible. Sending a warm hello back.


    Mary Ann Caws

    hi dear maddie and anyone who read and saw and considered this Matisse: he holds his own and our poetic own, always,

    mary ann


    Patricia Brody

    How come I cannot see the attachment.
    I click and it doesn’t open

    I surely do want to see it, based on the amazing responses from all the
    poets and readers.

    All the best to all of you!
    Hugs from afar.

    Madeleine Barnes

    Hi Patricia,

    Here it is! You can to log in to the commons and go to our group, and click on Mary Ann’s post, to get the attachment next time – hope that helps.


    x Maddie

    Patricia Brody

    Thanks so much Maddie!

    I got it.

    PS My mom has Covid.
    Say a magic spell for us!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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