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Today, not tomorrow: Sign the petition in support of open access!

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    In case you didn’t see the post on the Open Access @ CUNY blog ( — if you don’t follow that blog, now is the perfect time to start), I’ll repeat myself:

    Please consider signing the petition at in support of open access to taxpayer-funded research:

    This isn’t just another petition about just another topic. No, this offers the chance to change the conversation. Why? Because the White House makes a formal response to any “We the People” petition that reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days. (The petition closes on June 19, so there’s still some time, but, even so, don’t delay!)

    There is the very slight nuisance of having to create an account on (basically, you give them your name and email address), but if you were ever going to put up with some nuisance in order to sign a petition, this just might be the petition to do it for!

    Go! Sign! Share broadly! Soon!

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