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Potential OER Opportunity

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    Curtis Kendrick

    We have developed a proposal for a pilot program, the CUNY Open Educational Resources Project, to incentivize CUNY faculty to adopt OERs instead of high-priced textbooks. The program is expected to produce OERs for 50 CUNY courses, at a savings to our students of about $4.7 million over a three-year period.

    As a first step, we would like to identify the CUNY faculty initiatives that could be incorporated into this program, or cited as examples of what CUNY is already doing. If you have experience converting textbooks into OERs, or have ideas for what classes would lend themselves to an OER project, please let us know, by responding to and providing a synopsis of your OER project here.

    If you are interested in converting your class from using a traditional textbook to using an OER please let us know too. While no commitments can be made, we are optimistic that there will be some funding available for this. Ideally, we will be able to provide funds for courses with high enrollment. Please share this with others you know who may be interested, and apologies for any duplication.

    Inquiries should be sent to



    I am the Director of the First Year Writing Program at City Tech, and I have been very involved with Open Access projects on the department, college, and university levels. I have worked closely with Maura Smale and her colleagues at the City Tech library on some of these initiatives. Others, I have initiated on my own. I would be delighted to get involved in any way I can with the OER initiative. Irene had been in touch with me when the project was still in its creation stage, but I have not heard from her since. A number of resources that I’ve collected can be accessed via the Blog/website I edit: The First Year Writing Program at City Tech is in the process of developing Recommended Assignments for our core writing courses and reviewing our current textbook offerings, so we are well poised to be able to take advantage of OER for our Comp 1 and Comp 2 courses. I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

    All best,


    evan misshula

    Just want to offer my tutorial for Git (the collaboration and version control tool).

    Also I am working on a textbook for R which might be suitable for stats 250 at John Jay (typically more than 14 sections)

    I work for Matt Gold at the GC. I am a 2014-2015 GC digital fellow.


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