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March meeting

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for a great meeting today. As it turns out we couldn’t triangulate a date for next month’s meeting, so here’s a Doodle poll with March meeting possibilities. Please vote, and also feel free to suggest other dates/times, too!



    Hi everyone,

    Just want to give this a bump in your inboxes — if you haven’t already, please vote for a meeting time as soon as you can, thanks!



    Thanks for voting! Let’s call it for Monday, March 26th, from 3-5pm.

    Polly, can we get that room in the Library at the GC again? Thanks for considering.



    Hi everyone,

    I was thinking of tweaking the meeting flier with the March date info, but realized I’m not sure what we’ve decided on as a topic for this meeting.

    I know there’s been talk about the CUE Conference — we could use the meeting as a working session to crowdsource a conference proposal, perhaps? I’m sure there are other ideas as well.

    What should we plan to discuss/do?



    If you think of a topic, I’ve reserved the Grad Center Reading Room to discuss it in Monday, March 26th, from 3-5pm.



    Maura, I like your idea of crowdsourcing a CUE conference proposal. Should we maybe combine that with another, more intro-y topic so the meeting will seem more welcoming to first-timers, too? Perhaps, in fact, a discussion of open access textbooks?


    I think Jill’s ideas sound good–discussion of OA textbooks and the CUE Conference. How can we help spread the word about the meeting (which is coming up quickly)?

    I will post something today to the OA blog and tweet about it, but how can we better reach students and others who aren’t already in the know?


    CULIBS is worth sending an announcement out on, although that’s a fraction of who we want to notify. I’ll use Twitter and Facebook, too, as there are a number of Baruch faculty I’m friends with on those networks but not here in the Academic Commons.


    Thanks for the room reservation, Polly!

    And huge apologies to all — I completely goofed on the dates, and as it turns out the CUE Conference proposals are due THIS Friday 3/23. (I’m sorry! Too many deadlines swirling around my head these days.)

    One thought is to try and crowdsource the proposal *now,* in time for the deadline, then spend Monday’s meeting thinking about how to structure the presentation in a more detailed way. What does everyone think?

    And I think a general discussion about OA textbooks would be great at the meeting. After the last LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee meeting I said I’d add some of the OA curricular materials resources we’ve found/promoted here at City Tech to the wiki page that Ann Matsuuchi created, which I haven’t done yet. But I will do before Monday!


    Oh and P.S. re: PR — I’ve RTed the tweets, will post flyers around City Tech (I promise!), and will bring a stack of flyers to both our College Council meeting today and the library’s Tech Happy Hour event tonight, and anywhere else I can think of this week.


    Maura, thanks for your re-tweets, flyer posting, etc! Does anyone here want to do a CULIBS announcement? I’d be more than happy to do it, but since I’ve only been to one meeting so far, it seems somewhat presumptuous of me.


    Hi Maura et. al.: Thank you for the poster. I will circulate as much as possible around Lehman and Tweet on Library Twitter feed.

    About the CUE Conference, I am fine with trying to submit a proposal by Fri. Open Access Textbooks seems to be a hot topic. We could do an “intro” with a speaker who is actively involved in this. Unfortunately, I am swamped and don’t have time to write an abstract, but happy to comment. I will attend the meeting on Monday.


    I can send the message to CULIBS, no problem. Will do it now.


    D’oh! I just realized that I need to attend a faculty recognition award ceremony thingy this afternoon because I went and published an article last year (which, BTW, is available from the DLIST repository at the U of Arizona). Sorry that I won’t be able to make it today.


    We’ll miss you, Stephen! I’ll take some notes into a doc here to catch up everyone who can’t make it.

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