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LACUNY Mobile Technology Roundtable

The mission of the Mobile Technology Roundtable is to share information with those who are interested in generating, developing, and supporting the advancement of the use of mobile technology in CUNY’s libraries.

Mobile Technology Roundtable (page on LACUNY site)


Notes from 30 April 2012 Meeting

  • I’m not an official secretary or anything but thought I’d share some notes about yesterday’s meeting here at Baruch. We had four attendees (Junior Tidal, Stephen Klein, Stefanie Havelka, and me). One of the first things we talked about was whether we thought it would make sense to have a monthly meeting scheduled (the four of us agreed that might be worth trying).

    We also talked about:

    – using jQuery to widgetize catalog search

    – issues with CUNY cataloging practices that need to be addressed (reclamation, one record per item)

    – what it means for our group to now be a LACUNY roundtable (Danielle is the ad hoc chair; we might be able to get funding from LACUNY for speakers, etc.)

    – the ebrary app asks for a Facebook login (boo!)

    – some of us are working on making our remote authentication pages mobile friendly

    – there is a way to make SFX menus mobile friendly if you set up the templates for the menus on your local server (as opposed to the SFX server we all share at CUNY OLS)

    – whether it is possible to use mobile devices to send print jobs directly to library printers (iPhones and iPads can send jobs to wireless printers, but it seems to be something you’d only be able to set up using a select number of printers that can work with AirPrint; see

    – a number of us are putting signs in the stacks with QR codes on them to connect users to relevant databases and subject guides; intro to Baruch’s effort at

    – Lehman has bookmarks with QR codes on them

    – some library catalogs have QR codes on the holdings screen that sends to the user’s phone a URL for a relevant floor plan map or holdings info (as a text message)

    – whether NFC (near field communication) is a technology that is emerging yet or not and may replace QR codes as a way to bridge analog and digital worlds via smartphones

    – Stephen Klein and Cynthia Tobar at the Grad Ctr are working on an augmented reality app that would spotlight landmarks in Murray Hill history

    – using WorldCat Registry to register databases your library subscribes to (Grad Center does this); articles found in WorldCat then appear with your library’s SFX Find It icon, enabling easier access

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