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Detect software used by your favorite websites

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    At today’s meeting, we discussed some libraries that use Drupal to power their sites. Junior ( @jtidal) mentioned a site that tells whether a specific site runs on Drupal. (I believe it’s

    I’d like to mention another similar tool for web developers: a browser extension (mentioned at DrupalCampNJ this year) called Wappalyzer []. It’s available for Firefox and Chrome, and lets you see what software is running behind the scenes of any website you visit.

    For example, I now know that the UVA Library website is powered by WordPress, several JavaScript frameworks (including JQuery, Modernizr, and Backbone.js), Twitter Bootstrap, and Typekit.

    It’s very handy for developers (and those who are just curious).

    Junior Tidal

    Thanks for posting this Allie! Also, I erroneously stated that VCU libraries’ site was built on Drupal. It was not. I was actually thinking of the NCSU library site –

    Robin Camille Davis

    I also use Built With, a web app similar in function to Wappalyzer, the browser extension Allie mentioned.

    Now if only there were x-ray vision for the modules that Drupal sites use!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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