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LACUNY Mobile Technology Roundtable’s Docs Notes from 6 May 2013 Meeting

Attendees: 8

Location: CUNY Graduate Center, lower level of the Mina Rees Library


Conversation ranged far and wide across topics:

  • Survey of wifi in CUNY libraries (results are here). If anyone wants a copy of the individual responses from each school, please contact Stephen Francoeur.
    • There is also a separate report that Curtis Kendrick put together recently after he polled the chief librarians about wireless access at their libraries.
  • Printing from wireless devices
  • Logins for wifi vs. deskstop
    • easier at some campuses than others
    • some schools still not requiring login for selected desktop machines
    • some school require burdensome hurdles to be cleared before wireless access can be set up on a student’s device
  • CUNY internet network
    • Manhattan campuses are on fiber, campuses in the other boroughs will be getting fiber in the coming years
    • Load balancing as an issue
    • Redirecting databases page to CUNY A-Z list of databsases when your library site is down
    • Speed test/stress test for campus wifi networks
  • Teaching with mobile devices
    • Laptop carts/storage in the classroom (charging batteries is a challenge)
    • Baruch is getting a laptop/iPad checkout kiosk soon; such a setup might work in a classroom too if you wanted a wireless classroom
  • Checkouts of mobile devices
    • Most campuses only check out iPads and no Android or Windows tablets (why?)
    • Google Chromebook as laptop loan option?
    • Baruch’s technology loans page

Next Meeting

June 3 (first Monday of the month) at 9:30. Location TBD. Those of us working on usability testing of mobile services/tech will discuss what we’ve learned and what questions we still have.

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