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LACUNY Mobile Technology Roundtable’s Docs Notes from 3 December 2012 Meeting

Attendees: 14

Location: CUNY Graduate Center

Stephen Klein @sklein (CUNY Graduate Center) presented on mobile development in WordPress

  • recommends XAMPP for testing and development
  • .htaccess useful for restricting logins to particular users at particular IP addresses

Junior Tidal @jtidal (NYCCT) presented on mobile development in Drupal

  • distributed a handout (@jtidal can we we get a copy of that loaded into the “files” section of this site?)
  • running two installations of Drupal
  • uses PHP scraper to share certain pages from main site to mobile site (e.g., ebooks) — removes need to duplicate content (and then maintain it) across the two sites
  • also uses MediaWiki for subject guides (and for internal staff wiki)

Kevin Collins and Allie Verbovetskaya @alevtina (Office of Library Services) shared a mobile interface for Aleph

  • Alpha release, with plans for a beta release before the new year
  • Native Aleph interface optimized for mobile devices includes:
    • basic search
    • limited to one library
    • ability to make CLICS requests (with implicit 90-day period of interest)
    • patron information, including loans (with ability to renew all items), hold & title requests, and fines
  • Two known bugs (currently being investigated):
    • users are kicked into desktop version upon login
    • auto-redirect based on device from desktop to mobile (via Apache redirect) acting wonky

Stephen Zweibel @szweib (Hunter) also showed a mobile interface for Aleph he did for Hunter

  • not live yet to Hunter community
  • will work with Kevin and Allie to compare notes and strategies

[more details on the two mobile catalog interfaces on this thread in the forum]

Next Meeting

Will move meeting times back to 9:30 am instead of 10:30 am. Will continue to meet first Monday of each month. But if there’s is no agenda established a week before the meeting, we’ll postpone until the next month.

We’ll meet again on Monday, January 7, at the CUNY Graduate Center (same room, C196.05, down in the lower level). One of these will likely be the focus of the meeting:

  • Junior Tidal talking about how to set up the Views module in Drupal
  • Discussion of government apps (Stephen Klein and Stefanie Havelka know a couple of folks who might be willing to present and lead discussion)
  • Stephen Zweibel talking more about the API he developed for the catalog

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