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LTS 360/ART 350 Special Topics: Interdisciplinary Design Course: Immigration Design

This course seeks to bring design thinking to bear on the question of migration in the Western hemisphere. Students will be asked to think outside the existing and unimaginative frames of migration policy and invent a better system: what would migration look like if we redesigned it with humane, creative and imaginative design solutions? How could the aims of environmental sustainability and responsiveness to climate change, economic prosperity, human development and other kinds of flourishing be promoted rather than truncated by migration policies? What would a nonviolent migration policy look like? What if migration policy were premised on the notion that mobility is constant, expected and ethically correct rather than a threat, an invasion or a violation?

The course will be structured around a student-driven culminating design project. Coursework will include training in design principles and academic research on migration. Guest speakers will include artists, activists and advocates who work on migration, policies and design systems from different angles.


Week 3: Reply to this post with your questions for Alex Rivera

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  • In your study have there been specific genres within sci fi that took your interest in your research?

    Do you find there are more similarities in real life rather than in science fiction that deliver the better message or is it said medium (sci fi) what is needed to convey the thoughts and issues?

    What mediums have you related to or felt a stronger connection when setting the foundation for your discussions?

    -How was the process of filming, connecting with the families and sharing their stories?

    -How you felt/feel emotionally with these stories?

    -What was the most challeging thing, during the filming ?

    • How can we be part of an organization like that and help others who are in similar situations?
    • Are this type of profit centers legal, and who supervise that laws are not being broken?

    what current immigration policies came to mind when creating these films?

    what do you hope for those who are against immigration take away from watching your films?

    There were any obstacles in doing this type of filming?

    • Who or what inspires you?
    • Why do you think so many people are complacent with how the US deals with immigration?
    • Do you think the system is dysfunctional or was it designed to do such horrible things to people?

    Why is it that you decided to do those films?

    Do you have any personal connections that makes you want to fight for immigration rights?

    What were your feeling through making the film infiltration ? Did you go though many emotions? Was there any point that you thought “should I continue?”

    Is there any other film you feel strongly connect with similar issues?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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