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Robert's Rules of Order

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    Stephen Klein

    I am suggesting a few of these concepts extracted from Robert’s Rules to run our meetings:

    Quorum is 1 more than half of membership.

    We vote (majority based) to adopt agenda before each meeting.
    We vote (majority based) to accept previous minutes at the beginning of each meeting.
    We embrace lazy consensus, meaning if there is no debate over a 48 hour period about a decision that is being proposed via the Commons we embrace that decision.
    All votes during a meeting are based upon a motion or move, then a seconding to bring a decision to a vote.


    Ah, “lazy consensus” – now that is a concept I most definitely needed a term for, thanks Stephen!

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    I’m OK with Stephen’s suggestions except for the quorum one. Part of the problem is that we don’t have any official “membership” in this committee. There are 47 people who are “members” of this group on the CUNY Academic Commons. If we had the quorum rule in place with half of the membership needing to be present, that would mean meetings would have to always have 24 people for decisions. Average attendance across the 7-8 meetings we’ve had is more like six people. Maybe we need to lower the threshold a bit to something more realistic?

    Stephen Klein

    Agreed, so a vote cannot take place without a minimum of how many folks present? 12?


    That still seems too high. We’ve only had 12 meeting attendees once or twice. Usually it’s 8-10. How about 8?

    Stephen Klein

    OK. Seems like we’ll probably follow the lazy quorum rule to allow for 8.

    Benjamin Franz

    I agree with S. Francouer. 8 is a very reasonable number for quorum. I would have been here this week, only I managed to sprain my achilles tendon.

    Ben F.


    I’d like to speed up distribution of the meeting minutes. Can I distribute a draft of them here well before the next meeting and ask for feedback? Then at the next meeting, we can formally approve the minutes based on any changes meeting attendees may have. How’s that sound?

    Stephen Klein

    Works for me.


    Sounds good.


    I’m in agreement with Stephen Klein’s suggestions, with a quorum set at 8.

    Stefanie Havelka

    works for me too




    And me (8 for a quorum).

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