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Library Technology Subcommittee of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology

A standing committee reporting to the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology about the interplay of academic technology and libraries.


Notes from 20 March 2015 Meeting of the Library Technology Subcommittee

  • Meeting Location
    Cafe on the ground floor of the CUNY Graduate Center

    – Bill Bernhardt (College of Staten Island)
    – Alex Berrio Matamoros (CUNY Law)
    – Stephen Francoeur (Baruch College)
    – Alex Rudshteyn (Brooklyn College)

    This was the first get together of the Library Technology Subcommittee. Our agenda was to talk about what we wanted out group to accomplish and how we might proceed. We agreed to the following:

    – We need to open up calls for more members before we get too focused on group’s charge.
    – Members don’t have to work in a library, let alone be librarians.
    – Stephen Francoeur will send message out on CULIBS mailing list to find other library staff who might be interested in joining. Other outreach efforts are encouraged.

    – Meet monthly a week or so before the monthly meetings of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology (CUNY CAT).
    – We will rotate meeting locations around campuses to widen participation.
    – We will try to use technology to enable virtual attendance possible (e.g., conference calling).
    – We will have a meeting with each of the CUNY CAT subcommittees once a year to discuss areas of mutual interest.

    Subcommittee Charge
    – We will make reporting back to the CUNY CAT with updates of library technology initiatives and issues a core part of our work.
    – We will undertake one major, CUNY-wide project that we want to help more forward (we discussed universal wifi access across CUNY and enteprise authentication that will enable that kind of wifi access as well as free students and faculty from a welter of usernames and passwords they currently need to maintain).

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