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Need a volunteer to host our next meeting

  • At yesterday’s meeting at Brooklyn College, we agreed that we’ll meet again in late August or early September (a Doodle poll will go out shortly, as well as notes from the meeting). Since we’ve had the last two meetings in Brooklyn, it might be a good idea to shift to a different borough. Is there someone here who can help get a space for us at CUNY campus in Queens or the Bronx for the next meeting, preferably one close to a subway stop?

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  • Hi Steven, In our Hostos Library we have a conference room that can easily seat 15 and more, with a little squeezing. I know I could get it for our meeting if you don’t think it’s too small. And as many know, Hostos CC is right on top of the Lex. Ave. 4 & 5 trains and W. Side IRT 2. From 42nd St., say, the ride is 15 minutes. Very convenient.

    Hi Mickey! That sounds like a contender. We’ll need a projector and an internet connection, too.

    You can also consider BCC in our new library; our conference room has an overhead with net connection and seating for 15+ people.


    LaRoi Lawton
    Assistant Professor/Deputy Chief Librarian
    Library & Learning Resources Department
    Bronx Community College
    2155 University Avenue
    North Hall – Room 253
    Bronx, New York 10453

    Mickey, I’d like start a Doodle poll with dates to select for the next meeting. I’m thinking a meeting in early October might be good, maybe a morning (10 am – 12 noon). Can you suggest some days and times where that conference room is free?

    Stephen, I’m assuming you mean our Hostos Library conference room :-). I will have to send an email to my faculty colleagues to see whether anyone knows of a meeting they need the conference room for, for these days (10 AM-12PM): Wed. Oct. 7, Fridays (and Fri. morning the conference room is generally free) and Tue. 10/13. The day I know that the conference room us almost never free is Thursdays.

    I’ll let you know ASAP whether I can offer the conference room on the dates/days above, okay?


    Sorry for the lack of context in my earlier message. Yes, the conference room in your library at Hostos is the one I had mind. Thursdays aren’t good for me (I teach a class from 6-9 pm) but Friday, October 9, and Tuesday, October 13, both work for me. Can you check on availability for both of those days (and then I’ll send out a Doodle poll for the Library Technology Subcommittee to see which one works best for everyone)?

    Sure! I just sent an email to my colleagues and both Friday the 9th and Tues. the 13th were included in my request. In my opinion, Friday mornings are very free in terms of the use of our conference room; Tuesday mornings also. In fact, most groups that meet in our conference room are usually after 3 PM so a morning time will probably be no problem!


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