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Feedback needed on draft of library technology survey

  • Using Qualtrics, I’ve drafted the survey of library technology that we’d like to begin running on an annual basis. I’m a little concerned that the way that the survey is set up might a bit overwhelming.

    There’s really just one question, presented as a long table. The rows are each kind of technology we’re asking about (desktop computers-Windows, desktop computers-MacOS, laptops-Windows, laptops-MacOS). The columns ask questions about each row item:

    – In the library? (have, don’t have)
    – Who can use it (our students, our faculty, visitors, n/a)
    – Can it be checked out (yes, no, n/a)
    – Number we have available
    – If they can be checked out, what’s the borrowing period
    – Managed by (wholly by library staff, wholly by external dept., office, or unit, jointly with an external dept., office, or unit)

    As you can see from the draft (give it a try using the link below), it’s quite a long list. I’m wondering if it might be worth the bother to break up the technologies into categories so that the table doesn’t feel so overwhelming (or maybe it’s not that bad). I’m thinking that question 1, for example, would have the same columns but would only list things we’d call “computers.” The rows in question one would just be for the desktops, laptops, and tablets. Then there might be another question that clusters together another group of technologies by some broad category.

    Is this worth doing? Are there any obvious broad categories you can suggest so that each question has as least 3-4 rows and no more than 10 rows?

    Thanks for any comments.

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  • Stephen, I think this is very clear the way it is. I don’t think it’s worth clustering items. Thanks for doing this, Madeline Cohen

    I just think the color makes it difficult to read, maybe something lighter?

    Looks great. I think it works and is usable. Please let us know when it is ready to be used. Thanks.

    I agree, looks great!

    It looks great; thank you, Stephen! I second Michael’s suggestion of lightening the background color so that the text is easier to read.

    One thought would be to run the “header” every 5 or 6 items just so you can remember what the question is.

    If you wanted to group in smaller chunks I spent a minute working on it, see possible organization below.

    Note that scanners appears twice on the original.


    Desktop computers (Windows)
    Desktop computers (Mac OS)
    Desktop computers (other OS)
    Laptops (Windows)
    Laptops (Mac OS)
    Laptops (other OS)

    Android tablets
    Tablets (other OS)
    E-readers (e.g., Kindles)

    Computer peripherals (mice, keyboards, etc.)
    Charging cables (separate from the devices they’re used for)
    Presentation remotes
    Graphing calculators
    Financial calculators

    3D printers
    Self-checkout machine for books
    Self-checkout machine for laptops or tablets

    Assistive tech: computers with screen magnification software
    Assistive tech: computers with screen reading software
    Assistive tech: CCTV magnifiers
    Assistive technology: computers with Braille keyboards

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    I like it too! I do agree that if possible, a lighter background color would be helpful. I like the idea of grouping items, but I don’t think, personally, that if it’s left as is, it would be a problem. But Stephen, in looking at the survey, I clicked on the double arrow, bottom right, thinking there might be a second page but instead it thanked me for taking the survey and for my answers. Since I haven’t filled it out, I hope I’ll be allowed to go back when I have gathered all the info from our library, and fill it out “a second time.”


    Miriam Laskin, Ph.D.
    Hostos Community College Library
    Liaison for English and Women’s & Gender Studies
    Office: A214<>
    Phone: (718) 518-4207
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    Thanks for all the feedback I’ve decided to not bother clustering the technologies but I did find a way to lighten the header that appears above each technology row (it’s now a teal blue). I also changed the button at the bottom that completes the survey from “>>” to “Submit.”

    Before we actually distribute this survey (and we’ll need to talk about it at today’s meeting at Queens College), I’d like a handful of people to take the survey to test it out. You don’t need to answer it with the real answers; just make sure that you try completing it with some data (any at all) and submit it. I want to see what the report looks like once we’ve got a handful of responses to analyze.

    I created a shortcut link to the survey at

    Once we’ve tested the responses and looked at the sample report, then we’ll probably be ready to figure out how to distribute this to the right people in CUNY.


    I submitted the form with some dummy data.  I hope it works.

    See you later,


    I just tested it – put in real data.

    Looks good so far! Thanks for setting this up and all the work with it Stephen

    Looks good. Thanks for all the work on this.

    Madeline Cohen

    Assistant Professor and Head of Reference

    Leonard Lief Library

    Lehman College

    250 Bedford Park Blvd. West

    Bronx, NY 10468

    Tel: 718-960-7765

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    Subject: [CUNY Academic Commons] Stephen Francoeur replied to the topic Feedback needed on draft of library technology survey in the forum Library Technology Subcommittee of the CUNY Committee on Academic Technology

    I also added data for Hostos Library to the survey. It looks good.

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