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Upcoming webinar about 2022 OSTP Public Access Memo

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    Hi all,

    A friend at Rutgers made me aware of this upcoming webinar about the origins and impacts of the 2022 OSTP Public Access Memo (i.e., the “Nelson Memo”), which expanded the pre-existing federal public access policy in a few ways, including expanding it to all federal grant-funding agencies and removing the long-standing permission for there to be a 12-month delay on public access.

    I admit I haven’t kept up with all of the news about this memo, and I’m not clear on what happened (if anything) with the effort to defund the policy in the House appropriations bill.

    The webinar is co-hosted by Rutgers, Harvard, and Princeton, but it seems like anyone can register. I registered but unfortunately probably can’t make it, so I’m hoping they’ll send out a recording to registrants afterward. If anyone is able to attend, it would be amazing if you could share any notes/impressions afterward!

    More information in the attachment…

    All best,

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