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Meeting Minutes from 2/20

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    Nora Almeida

    Hi All,

    Please find minutes from today’s meeting here.

    We’re looking for volunteers to help out with the Open@CUNY blog so be in touch if you’re willing to write / solicit content for a month (or split a month with someone).

    Also, we had a couple of proposals for changing our name from Scholarly Communications Round Table. Please submit feedback about either of these possible names or share new ones by replying to this forum post:

    Open Knowledge “OK” Roundtable

    Open Education and Research “OAR” Roundtable

    The Open Knowledge Roundtable was a favorite for today’s meeting attendees. If you could send feedback by early March, we can formally change the RT title and inform the LACUNY EC at their meeting in mid March. I’ll follow up with a reminder between now and then.



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