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Fake Peer Reviews

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    Hi all,

    I thought the SCRT might be interested in the article from the Chronicle about fake peer reviews of journal articles:

    The article is behind a paywall, but CUNY has access, so if you’re off campus, you can get into it here:

    Here’s the intro to the article:

    Fake Peer Reviews, the Latest Form of Scientific Fraud, Fool Journals
    By Josh Fischman

    Scientists appear to have figured out a new way to avoid any bad prepublication reviews that dissuade journals from publishing their articles: Write positive reviews themselves, under other people’s names.

    In incidents involving four scientists—the latest case coming to light two weeks ago—journal editors say authors got to critique their own papers by suggesting reviewers with contact e-mails that actually went to themselves.


    This made me laugh – this is the sort of thing that is a happens on Wikipedia all the time (“sock puppets”).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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