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Big development from Friday’s meeting: Information Interventions @ CUNY!

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    Hi Scholarly Communications Roundtable,

    Minutes can be boring, so you may not have bothered to read the ones from Friday’s meeting (posted in the “Docs” section of this group). But we want to make sure everyone in the group hears about our plans for the year, so here’s the upshot:

    We plan to make an event series called “Information Interventions @ CUNY.” We planned out this year’s events, and if the series is successful, it would be great to make it an established, ongoing thing. We’re planning/hoping to host four “Information Interventions” events this year:

    – Friday, October 25 @ 10am – noon (last day of Open Access Week): An overview of open access and authors’ rights — this is old news to many of us, but there are still lots of CUNY people out there who need an intro to OA.

    – Friday, November 8 @ 2-4pm: An event on predatory journals (both open access and traditional).

    – Spring: An event on open educational resources

    – Spring: A panel discussion on open access theses/dissertations, student choice, AHA’s statement, etc.

    We plan to hold all of these events at the Graduate Center and try to attract not just librarians but also faculty, students, and administrators.

    So that’s the plan! We hope to see lots of you at these different events!

    jean amaral

    Love the line up! For the Nov 8 event, will we be covering predatory conferences as well?


    Jean, it’s funny you should bring that up this morning. My social networks delivered up this blog post just moments ago detailing one scientist’s experience with a scammy conference:


    That’s a great question, Jean, and thanks for sending that link, Stephen — unreal! I think we can discuss predatory conferences as well — I feel like there’s been a definite uptick in the unsolicited conference email I get recently. It all seems so spammy that I typically don’t give it a second thought, but it’s worth discussing for sure.


    And would you believe I got a predatory conference email as I was writing that message?! Stranger than fiction!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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