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LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable’s Docs SCRT Blog schedule & press forward guidelines 10.18.17

Press forward / Reposted Editorial Guidelines

*will add a note about this to the commons as well

  • Excerpt content from external sources rather than reposting entire articles (Max ~200 words)
  • Add “Editors Choice:” prefix to titles
  • Add source info as leader text using this format: This excerpt by Author originally appeared in source
  • For sources that you find that are already reposts, go to original source and repost from there instead of reposting reposts


Editorial Responsibilities / Schedule

Editors should solicit content, write original content, and repost content during assigned months. Other editors and contributors should coordinate with the editor for the month so that we space out posts.


OCT: Madeline (thanks for kicking things off!)

NOV: Roxanne

DEC: Nora

JAN: Liz

FEB: Monica

MAR: Jean (hope this is ok, Jean—thought you’d like to have Open Education week)

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