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OA Week 2012 CUNYwide event
An all-day event at the Graduate Center on Friday 10/26 Morning event - 10-noon? 11am-1pm? 1. Authors’ rights presentation and workshop -- focus on what’s in it for faculty, how faculty stand to benefit from OA 2. Presentation/Q&A session about the UFS resolution in favor of the creation of a CUNY repository, the creation of a group to work on that, and progress toward it Afternoon event - 2-4pm? 3-5pm? Panel on open curricular initiatives - If possible, a presentation from someone at Temple about their open textbook initiative (Maura will reach out to Steven Bell for recommendations) - Possible panelists: Phil Pecorino (has written and used open textbooks and is a big advocate for OA), Mike Waldman (has excellent bird’s-eye view of the overall situation), other faculty who have written or used open textbooks (perhaps one or more of James DiGiovanna from JJ, Susan Amper from BCC, Johannah Rodgers from NYCCT?), a student who can talk about textbook prices and how it affects their education After: Socializing and going out for drinks or dinner Alycia will investigate space Once we have plans, make sure to get it featured on the front page of the Commons (in slider and Featured Post area, Maura can ask)

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