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LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable’s Docs LACUNY SCRT Meeting Notes for September 11, 2015

LACUNY Scholarly Communications Round Table

Friday, September 11, 2015


Grad Center, Rm c.196.05

Attendees: Monica Berger (City Tech), Ann Matsuuchi (LaGuardia), Nora Almeida (City Tech), Ann Fiddler (OLS), Jill Cirasella (GC), Nancy Foasberg (QC), Megan Wacha (OLS), Beth Evans (BC), Jennifer Poggiali (Lehman), Cailean Cooney (City Tech), Alexandra Rojas (LaGuardia), Ching-Jung Chen (City College), Jay Bernstein (KBCC), Meagan Lacy (Guttman), Polly Thistlethwaite (GC), Amy Beth (Guttman), Madeline Cohen (Lehman), Jean Amaral (BMCC)

Next meeting: January (Doodle poll will be sent out closer to date)

Action Items:

  • Work with Library and campus webmasters to add Academic Works to websites. (Everyone)
  • Plan OA month events for your campus (Everyone)
  • When OA month events are scheduled, post to the SCRT events calendar on the CUNY Academic Commons, the calendar at, and CULIBS. (Everyone)
  • Add OER myths (CC) and CC myths (JC) to toolkit
  • Add material to CC toolkit page per notes below (JA)
  • Add CUNY Libraries’ OA and OER guides to toolkit resources (JA)
  • Send toolkit announcement to CULIBS and chiefs (JA and MC)
  • Write posts for Open Access @ CUNY blog during OA month (JA, JC, BE, JP, PT, and MW)

Academic Works Update – Megan Wacha: 

  • Redesigned Academic Works website with new logo and branding launched yesterday. Clean design allows colors of individual campuses to stand out.
  • For Open Access Month, Megan will be providing branded PPTs, flyers, etc. for Academic Works, and these will be added to the OA/OER Toolkit.
  • Everyone is encouraged to work with both their Library and the campus webmasters to add Academic Works in as prominent a place as possible on the websites. GC Library is a good example, with AW in carousel on Library’s home page as well as linked from right side of page. When linking, best practice it to land on AW homepage for now, until campus collections grow.
  • Megan will add sub-branding campuses in AW to the next CUNY Scholarly Communications Committee agenda.
  • Academic Works is on Twitter, under CUNYworks.
  • Megan will look into changing confirmation email to encourage individuals who deposit material to share through social media channels.

OA Month Events

  • City Tech: 1) OER faculty panel, 2) Public Scholarship talk with Jessie Daniels and Megan Wacha, and 3) Internet’s Own Boy screening
  • Lehman: 1) Authors’ rights workshop with Megan Wacha and Jill Cirasella and 2) Academic Works program with the Research and Sponsored Programs office and Teaching and Learning Commons.
  • GC: 1) Authors’ right workshop and 2) upload-a-thon
  • CUNY: OER day, Oct 30 at John Jay (questions or ideas, contact Ann Fiddler)
  • Other ideas: UPload Yours event

Advertising events: Please post to 1) the SCRT events calendar on CUNY Academic Commons, 2) the calendar at, and 3) CULIBS.

OA/OER Toolkit Feedback

Many thanks to everyone who contributed content to the toolkit, including Megan Wacha, Jill Cirasella, Monica Berger, Jean Amaral, and Nora Almeida.

  • Myths: Add OER and CC myths
  • Creative Commons: add information about cc0 versus public domain, why choose cc, FAQ (where do I get a cc license, how does cc relate to copyright, etc.)
  • Resources: add CUNY Libraries guides for OA and OER
  • Images: Logos for campus, AW, and CUNY too much? Do faculty care vs need for visibility? For those without photoshop, was recommended for image editing. Contact Monica Berger for help with images on the toolkit.

After updating, we will share the toolkit on CULIBS, as well as with the Chiefs, encouraging folks to steal any and all ideas and materials.


  • Global OA webinars: Phone meeting to kick off planning with Kathy Shaughnessy and Gina Robinson (METRO Open Sigco-coveners) and John Carey (LACUNY IRRT co-chair) scheduled for Monday, September 14, at 2pm.
  • CETLS collaboration on publishing workshops: Waiting on CETLS group for meeting time.
  • Open Access @ CUNY blog: Megan W, Jill, Beth, Jennifer, Polly, and Jean volunteered to write posts for OA month. We will also look into rebranding this blog as Open Everything in some way, as a combination of the OER, SCRT, and OA blogs.

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