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LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable’s Docs LACUNY SCRT Meeting Notes for June 18, 2015

LACUNY Scholarly Communications Round Table

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Grad Center, Rm 3305

Attendees: Monica Berger (City Tech), Ann Matsuuchi (LaGuardia), Nora Almeida (City Tech), Ann Fiddler (OLS), Jill Cirasella (GC), Nancy Foasberg (Queens), Megan Wacha (OLS), Jean Amaral (BMCC)

Next meeting: Friday, September 11, 2-4pm (room TBD)

Action Items:

— Create OA Toolkit with OLS Libguides

  • contact Nancy Egan for Libguide from OLS (JA)
    Done. All of the volunteers for the sections below have been added as editors to the guide (working title: OA / OER Toolkit); if you are not on this list but would like to add content to the Toolkit, contact Jean. Guide (currently unpublished) URL is
  • Author’s rights (JC)
  • Talking points (MW)
  • Myth busters (JC)
  • Glossary (MW)
  • Resources (NA)
  • Licensing (JA)
  • Suggested events, tabling, promotional materials, etc. (MW)
  • Calendar (JA)
  • Logo for CUNY OA Month (MB)

— Contact CETLS group re publishing workshop collaboration (JA)

— Contact IRRT and METRO Open Sig re global OA webcast collaboration (JA)

— Talk with K|N Consultants re pursuing FOIA/FOIL requests for spending on scholarly materials (JC and MW)

Review of past year:

This past year SCRT held three events: a screening of The Internet’s Own Boy, a session introducing the Academic Works, and an altmetrics event. All were well-received, though there was disappoint expressed at the low turn out for IOB.

We committed to livestreaming all presentation events (e.g., those with panels, speakers, etc.) going forward.

Ideas for 2015-16

OA Month: A week in October just isn’t enough. We’ll be declaring OA Month at CUNY this year.

OA Toolkit: Create online toolkit on OLS Libguides to support OA month in October. Will include resources and materials that libraries can use to raise awareness on their campuses. This will replace an event sponsored by SCRT during this time.

OA Open Course: There’s interest in developing a course similar to the OER course developed by Steve Ovadia, but not this year. Keep this in the hopper.

Academic Works: Members were interested in Academic Works events to support roll out and share knowledge across campuses. Megan announced that there will be an Academic Works retreat for campus administrators in late July or early August.

Data management event: Possibly partner with Research Foundation and/or Junior Faculty Research Round Table. Other contacts: Vita Rabinowitz, CUNY Vice Chancellor/Provost for Academic Affairs. Speakers would be classroom faculty.

Publishing Workshops: Partner with CETLS to offer a series or a road show

Global OA webcasts: A series of webcasts in which OA librarians or researchers from other countries are invited to share information about OA efforts and impacts. Possible co-sponsors: International Relations Round Table and METRO Open SIG. Monica and Megan expressed interest in organizing.

Unconference: Possibly for September 2016.

SCRT Role in CUNY-wide policies: Megan suggested developing a journal article license agreement for all faculty that provides the right to distribute to CUNY; this would pre-empt restrictions by publishers which prevent deposit in an institutional repository. Likely will be more effective to work department by department and campus by campus initially. For 2015-16 , we’ll work on developing the license and securing agreement from each campus Library department.

Supporting independent publishers and acquisitions ethics: We would like to support independent publishers but there are factors working against us, including workflow efficiencies. Can we avoid purchasing from OA-hostile publishers? Would need more support to do this. One way to gain support may be to expose the significant fees going to behemoth publishers and database vendors. Jill and Megan will explore the possibility of using a FOIA/ FOIL request to do a comparison between CUNY, SUNY, and the CA higher education systems (U of CA, CA State, and CA CCs).

Election of Co-Chairs

Madeline Cohen and Jean Amaral were elected as co-chairs for 2015-16.


Notes submitted by Jean Amaral.

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