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LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable’s Docs LACUNY SCRT Meeting Notes for February 2, 2016

LACUNY SCRT Meeting Notes
February 2, 2016
GC 196.05

Present: Alexandra Hamlett (Guttman), Cailean Cooney (City Tech), Megan Wacha (OLS), Liz Jardine (LaGuardia), Madeline Cohen (Lehman), Jean Amaral (BMCC)

Updates from campuses
Guttman – Meagan Lacy and Megan Wacha will be leading a publishing workshop for faculty this semester.

City Tech – This past fall’s events included an OER faculty panel; an open access panel with Megan Wacha and a faculty member who produces an OA journal, among others; tabling; and a presentation at a new faculty event. Monica Berger has also developed a mid-career publishing workshop series.

LaGuardia – Promoted OA through “Faculty Fridays” tumblr posts ( presented as Q&As. Megan Wacha met with Library faculty for an AW session.

Lehman – Held workshop with Megan Wacha, Jill Cirasella, and Lehman grants officer. Had great attendance (approx.. 25), most likely due to extensive outreach by librarians, including department liaisons. Jennifer Poggiali and Madeline Cohen presented to Provosts Council and faculty P&B committee. The Journalism department also invited them to a faculty meeting. This spring offering a predatory publishing workshop.

BMCC – Held AW drop-in sessions.

OLS – Megan reported that librarian engagement with AW is high (yay!), and webinars for AW admins have been going well (seconded by others).

OA and OER Blogs
There was support this past fall for merging these two blogs, and we’ll be working with Steve Ovadia and the OER group to move forward this semester. Issues include branding the combined blog, recruiting a volunteer coordinator to keep a schedule of volunteer contributors.

A possible title for the combined blog is Open CUNY, with one potential hitch: there is a platform/organization at GC with this name (see Megan W and Jill were in contact, and it’s possible they would be amenable to us also using the name. Further discussion needed.

Next steps: Jean and Madeline to contact Steve O.

Publishing Workshops
SCRT and CUNY CETL(S) will be collaborating to design and deliver faculty publishing workshops. We have one CETLS director on board from BMCC, Megan Elias, and are in the process of recruiting one or two more. Volunteers from SCRT include Monica Berger, Alexandra Hamlett, Megan Wacha, and Jean Amaral.

Suggestion was made to do a pilot session with JFRT.

Next steps: Jean to schedule meeting to kick off planning.

Global OA Webinars
We’re planning to hold one, possibly two, webinars this spring, likely in April and May. If possible, we’ll partner with IRRT and METRO’s Open SIG.


  • Check recent OpenCons for possible presenters (see
  • U of Havanna held OA week
  • doctoral student studying intellectual property issues across cultures

Next steps: Jean to schedule phone or f-2-f meeting to continue planning.

Putting Our Assumptions on Trial: Open Access & Academic Works
This event for librarians the brainchild of Megan W. Goal is a wild and wacky interactive session where we can learn to counter myths, objections, and more as we do OA and AW outreach on our campuses.

Megan W, Liz Jardine, and Cailean Cooney are organizing. Other volunteers are most welcome.

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