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LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable’s Docs LACUNY Scholarly Communications Roundtable Meeting Minutes, June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014, 10am-12pm, Graduate Center

Attendees: Jill Cirasella (GC), Maura Smale (NYCCT), Jay Berman (KBCC), Jenny Furlong (GC), Nancy Foasberg (QC), Clay Williams (HC), Jean Amaral (QCC), Karen Okamoto (JJ), Madeline Cohen (LC), Gioa Stevens (GC), Ann Matsuuchi (LaGCC)

Recap of this year:

– We had 5 events, 2 in the fall and 3 in the spring. How’d they go? Suggestions/feedback?

– Depending on campus, some folks can have difficulties getting to multiple half-day events, perhaps consider a full-day event?

– Also, the dissertations panel was livestreamed, can consider livestreaming for the future. If events are at the GC it’s easy to livestream, but the Academic Commons team can help us with livestreaming at other campuses as well.

– Seems to be consensus that 5 events might be too many. In other years we’ve done 2, though it’s really up to the co-chairs.

Brainstorming for next year:

– There are many programs we’ve offered frequently, does this imply a baseline of understanding of these issues that’s rising? Or should we continue to offer these programs at the university and on the campuses, given that we have new faculty/grad students/staff every year?

– Suggestion to offer a course, repackaging these materials as a kit, training the trainers on campuses — can we help facilitate that? Could also help address the difficulties in traveling to frequent events.

– With OLS hiring a Scholarly Communications Librarian chances seem good that there might be a CUNYwide Scholarly Communications Committee in the not too distant future.

– All of our presentation materials are available on the Open Access @ CUNY blog, though kind of scattered right now. Everyone felt that it would be useful to have these materials pulled together in a toolkit and an area for that created on the blog.

– Also our CUNYwide institutional repository is coming, will remain to be seen how implementation happens university-wide and at each campus.

– Documentation that we can all share with our grants office to help faculty who are required to deposit publications in IRs can also be something we collaborate on and share out together.

– Another idea we’ve intermittently discussed in the past is approaching the PSC to discuss adding an open access requirement for publications resulting from the PSC-CUNY grants.

– If the repository is new, we could have programming for next year re: the IR. Perhaps a good idea to reach out to Curtis to see if we could cosponsor a fall event, assuming that the new librarian will be hired by then?

– How is what this roundtable is doing in the future different from what the new librarian and possible new committee will be doing? We have a broader purview, and also not an OLS committee, useful to have both us and them.

– We can also consider programming that the new librarian/committee would likely not do, e.g. altmetrics, measuring scholarly impact, publication quality/prestige etc. See Marta Bladek’s (JJ) 2013 article in C&RL News ( Might be another good toolkit to create with all of our materials — JJ, NYCCT, GC have done some outreach/created materials ( Maybe ask Marta Bladek and Meg Smith (NYU, taught altmetrics workshop at GC) could offer a program next year?

Nominations for chair or co-chair for next year:

– Jay Bernstein (KBCC)
– As a ticket: Karen Okamoto (JJ) and Jean Amaral (QCC)

Karen Okamoto and Jean Amaral were elected. Thanks to all for voting, running, and coming to the meeting!

Further discussion:

– Open Access Week is October 20-26 (as ever, not a great week for CUNY). Last year we had the intro to OA program, can be easy (-er) to have something we’ve done before, since we don’t need to build in guest speakers. Also if we had a toolkit we could do more local outreach at the campuses, provide info for folks to do events at their campuses?

– Can we get involved in new faculty orientations on each campus? Remember that new folks may not know about OA, journal self-archiving policies, etc., and we are always getting new folks.

– Jill had an article in the journal Contexts that she’s thinking of reworking into a pamphlet with perhaps more CUNY emphasis, could be useful in the toolkit, article is available here:

– Possibilities for the fall: meet/greet with the new SC Librarian (and perhaps see what happens with the IR), working on the toolkit, campus events for OA Week, something on altmetrics.

– Thinking not to meet over the summer, but think over the summer about materials for the toolkit, then meet early in the semester to review and discuss compiling the toolkit. Penciling in Thursday September 11 from 2-4pm here at the GC (Rm C196.05).

– Also Maura and Jill will make Karen and Jean administrators of this group.

It’s been a great year — thanks everyone!

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