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LACUNY Instruction Committee’s Docs Minutes from May 9, 2017 meeting

Attendees: Anthony Bishop (BMCC), Quintis PinderĀ (QCC), Alison Lehner-Quam (Lehman), Ian McDermott (LAGCC), Kathleen Collins (JJ), Daisy Dominguez (CCNY), Stephanie Margolin (Hunter), Sara Ward (Hunter), Amy Stempler (CSS), Barbara Gray (SOJ).

We agreed the next Roundtable should be on Thursday Sept 28th at 2pm.

We voted on four roundtable topics that were discussed and brought before the committee:

  1. Ways to assess the impact of library instruction
  2. Ways to be embedded
  3. Framework of outcomes
  4. Review the peer observations

Overwhelming majority voted for next roundtable topic to be ways to assess the impact of library instruction

The committee discussed having part presentation and part workshop, but could not think of workshop that would apply to everyone.

Some ideas for topics:

Developing rubrics; pre and post assessment, developing queries based on data you already have, how to tell a story with library instruction data.

We talked briefly about the instruction-related strategic priorities from Chiefs, but tabled discussion until after LILAC reviews the 2017 priorities. I am going to send them to Daisy, who is now chair of LILAC to be reviewed at the next meeting.

Gray asked members to submit ideas for speakers.

Meeting adjourned 4pm.

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