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LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee

The LACUNY Emerging Technologies Committee is dedicated to collaborative exploration of technologies that further the CUNY libraries’ missions. Through workshops, hack days, demoes, and other meetings, CUNY librarians learn new skills from each other and cultivate a community of openness, sharing, and encouragement.


Franks Albarillo (BC) is holding a privacy workshop TODAY at 12:30

  • Digital Privacy in Higher Education: A practical introduction (Frans Albarillo, Library)  ·       Thursday October 13 12:30-1:30 p.m.

    Register here for the Zoom link

    The sudden shift to online teaching and remote work has highlighted how higher education institutions like CUNY generate a great deal of educational data through course management systems like Blackboard and productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Google, and Zoom. These ubiquitous platforms provide valuable user information to companies who use the data, share, or exchange the data to improve and create new products. This session will examine what educational data technology companies, library vendors, and institutions like CUNY collect. And you can learn about strategies to minimize risks to yourselves and the students that you teach when it comes to protecting their online privacy as well as ways to avoid or opt-out of invasive data collection. This session will avoid technical jargon and is open to students, staff, and faculty.

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